The NFTs that are minted when a Nocturnal Order, Bank, or Loan is created are now viewable from within Nocturnal’s test-net user-interface. You can find the interface at The UI provides access to the contracts deployed to the Rinkeby test-net.

These NFTs may not look rare, but they provide utility within Nocturnal’s protocol. Possessing one of these NFTs grants ownership to the contract that was generated when the associated Order / Bank / Loan was created.

This means if you hold a oNOCT NFT, you are owner of the Order that is associated with the OrderID listed in the…

This evening, 08/16/21 at around 7pm EST, the Nocturnal contracts were deployed to Rinkeby. They can be accessed through the front-end available at

You can navigate to each of Nocturnal’s services’ dashboards through the menu at the top of the home page. There is a ‘Test Tools’ page where mock tokens can be minted (please take it easy on the minting), and used in the Orders, Banks, and Loans pages. Descriptions of the dashboards’ panels can be found at the Nocturnal gitbook page

The forest is indeed dark, and full of monsters.

— Shadowy Super Coder

Yes, that is a quote from a real Shadowy Super Coder, a very knowledgable one indeed. He was referring to the World Wide Web at the time, but it’s true that some refer to Ethereum as a Dark Forest too. This week’s Poly Network hack validates that description quite well.

This article serves as an update for those following Nocturnal Finance and anticipating its deployment.

There has been a lot of progress made since deciding to implement EIP-2535. A total of 3 separate Diamonds will be deployed…

Since the last Nocturnal article was published, many changes have been made to the Nocturnal Orders contracts.

From the start, it’s been a struggle working around Solidity’s contract size limitations. Initially, certain functionalities of Nocturnal Orders’ design were sacrificed in order to create deployable contracts, but after learning of EIP-2535 Diamonds, and after receiving guidance from the standard’s creator Nick Mudge, its community members, and its documentation, it has been decided to implement EIP-2535 Diamonds. Since additional features and services are planned to be deployed along-side the Nocturnal Orders, and since the Orders functionalities were being sacrificed, this was an…

The first contracts deployed on Ethereum mainnet by Nocturnal will be associated with the basic functionality of Nocturnal Orders. These are the limit orders briefly described in Nocturnal’s introductory article. See the link, below:

A Nocturnal Order is a limit order associated with a Uniswap V3 token pair, and it represents a pending swap into a Uniswap V3 pool at a specified target price. The token to swap from and the pool swap target price will be specified by the order creator, among other parameters.

Disclaimer: Initially, all orders will require one of the Uniswap V3 pool pair tokens to…

There have been many instances in the past where I’ve missed out on making ideal ERC-20 trades. Some usual reasons, to name a few, include sleeping, being occupied by work or some other responsibility, and simply being lazy. Services exist that help solve this common problem; however, I’ve set out to create a solution that not only solves the problem in an on-chain and decentralized fashion, but also has the potential to provide a modest source of passive income for those who participate in the protocol.

I introduce to you, Nocturnal.

Nocturnal is a decentralized application built on Ethereum. It…

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